Jaipur, India: one of the cities that most travelers do not miss on a trip through Northern India. Jaipur is the capital of the state of Rajasthan and is also called the pink city. Jaipur owes its name to the pink city to the color of many buildings. In this part of India the color pink stands for hospitality and that is why Jaipur was painted pink when the Prince of Wales came to visit in 1876. Although this color is not really pink, but more terracotta, it remains special. Jaipur has many highlights, but you should definitely not miss these 7!


Jaipur has several bazaars where you can shop until you drop. Colorful saris, jewelery, souvenirs, you name it! I thought Bapu Bazaar was the best bazaar for clothing and souvenirs in Jaipur. You will find a lot of clothing, jewelery and souvenirs here and it is very busy with sometimes persistent sellers. you can book your ride with taxi for rajasthan tour.



Do you want to go to a slightly more ‘authentic’ bazaar in Jaipur? Near the City Palace is the Johari Bazar, easily the best place in the city to buy jewelry and clothing, or just to look at of course. Indians also do their shopping here and you will find many herbal shops.



Another market in Jaipur which is certainly worthwhile is the small flower market. Here, wreaths of flowers are made and flowers for the temples are sold.



Another place of interest located a little way outside of Jaipur is Galta Ji, a Hindu temple that has been virtually abandoned by people. The Galta Ji Temple, is also called the Monkey temple, because, yes, there are many monkeys. The temple complex below is certainly worth it, although it has fallen somewhat, but it becomes really special when you walk the nearly 2 kilometer long road to the Sun Temple. The route is perhaps a climb in the Indian warmth, but the view over Jaipur that you have from the top, certainly makes up for this. At the top you will be greeted by the inhabitant of the temple, who will welcome you by putting a Bindiya (red dot on your forehead) and a Rakhi (red-yellow cord that offers protection) around your wrist. The tranquility of this place is almost overwhelming in busy India.

monkey temple jaipur


The famous Raj Mandir Cinema is the place to be in Jaipur to watch a Bollywood movie. For those who have always wanted to go to an authentic Indian cinema, Raj Mandir shows one or more Bollywood films every day. Even if you are not interested in the film, the experience is more than worth it. Despite the fact that the films mainly speak Hindi (with some English in between), you will experience a fantastic evening. The plot of every Bollywood film is reasonably predictable, but it is the enthusiasm of the audience that makes watching the film an experience here. For example, when ‘the kiss’ finally comes, the entire room shouts. It is not possible to watch a film quietly in this cinema, babies are taken quietly into the room and mobile phones are simply picked up by the Indians. But all that makes it such a hilarious place. Be on time when buying tickets, because the screenings are sold out quickly.

raj-mandir cinema


With its 1.4 million visitors per year (5000 per day), the Amber fort is one of the most touristic places in India, but certainly no less special. It’s not for nothing that this impressive building is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Not only is the view from the fort beautiful, the inside is also very beautiful, especially the ‘mirror palace’. Make sure you don’t get lost in all the narrow aisles! Pay attention to sellers and ‘helpful’ people here who want to show you a special place, in the end they ask for money for this. This also applies to Indian ‘photogenic’ women with historical clothing.

amber fort india


Also on this side of Jaipur, about a 20-minute drive from the Amber Fort, is the Nahargah fort. You can reach this fortress if you don’t mind burning some extra calories, climbing over a hill. Be prepared for groups of Indians who will stare at you in amazement. Once upstairs you have a beautiful view of the city.

jaipur-india-nahargah fort


In the center of Jaipur’s Old City you will find the City Palace, for a few hundred rupees you can enter here. Inside are large collections of old weapons and silverware and many of the halls and rooms are beautifully decorated. The maharaja (ruler) of Jaipur lives today in this complex of gardens, courtyards and buildings. There are many stories about this place, one of the most special I found of the life-sized silver vases made for Maharaja Sawai Madho Singh II. This man took the vases on his journey to England, filled with the holy water from the Ganges. This water was his own drinking water !!


If you are interested in astronomy, the largest stone observatory in the world, Jantar Mantar, is also worth a visit. You will find this near the entrance of the City Palace.


The facade of the Hawal Mahal palace, also called the Wind Palace, with its five floors and 953 windows can be called impressive. The special thing about this building is that it is only one room deep, so it is actually not much more than that impressive facade. The palace was therefore built for one purpose only, to ensure that the king’s harem women could see the annual parade without being seen themselves. With taxi rental service in udaipur you will get to see all the places.


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Choose the best taxi in udaipur

Dhanvi Taxi

You can of course order a good taxi via the website – https://dhanvitours.com/. This taxi service has many years of experience in the Udaipur lake area and can take you anywhere. Because the drivers know the roads around this city so well, they can also quickly take you to the right place and it will cost you much less time and money to get from A to B. It is always good to first check the website for all options. For example, it is Best taxi service in udaipur and then drive straight to Delft for a nice party. It is also useful to also consider ordering a taxi on the way back. You don’t have to bother with searching for buses or trains that often run much less during the night or not at all. It is therefore advisable to store the number of the taxi in Udaipur in your telephone. This way you know for sure that you have everything at hand and that you can quickly look for the best options. Request information today especially if you would like to know more about the options. With the taxi in Udaipur you know for sure that you will arrive home safely. You can be dropped all the way in front of the door and that is very handy. Many people also think it is a good idea to take a look at what is possible.

  • It is possible to provide disabled transportation
  • You can order a taxi in Udaipur for large groups of up to 35 people
  • You always have to deal with a fully qualified driver

Image result for wedding rental car udaipur"

By taking a quick look at the website, you immediately know how to contact us. Most people order a taxi by phone and that is possible without any problems. You will find the telephone number immediately on the website and it is then convenient to work quickly and to immediately provide the location. The taxi in Udaipur will immediately be on your way to pick you up. You will always get the closest taxi, so you don’t have to wait long. If you have a question about ordering a taxi in Udaipur , you can always fill in the form online. If you want to transport large groups or disabled people, for example, it is important that you book a taxi in Udaipur in time.

Contact us quickly for a taxi in Udaipur

You can order a good taxi in Udaipur immediately by going to the Dhanvitoures website . You will find everything you need here and it is also useful to take a look at the different options. A good taxi helps you get to your destination. You are therefore very well advised to immediately request the correct information.

Always get your flight on time!

If you need to get to the airport quickly to catch a flight, it is useful if you can check in advance what is possible. The taxi in Udaipur will always pick you up at the door with all the suitcases and take you away as quickly as possible.

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How do you get a taxi as quickly as possible?

When you arrive at Udaipur Maharana Pratap Airport  you are in the arrivals hall on level 2. For a normal taxi (also called a meter-taxi), you have to go to level 1: Public Taxi.

How the taxi service works

The taxi service at Udaipur airport has improved considerably. You follow the ‘Public Taxi’ signs to the first floor. Walk outside and stand in line. Here you will be assigned a ticket with a reference (number) to the taxi rank. It is good to make clear that you only want to drive with the meter on. You can make that known by saying “Meter on please”. If the driver does not want to drive on the meter or does not switch it on, get off and arrange another taxi.

Image result for rental car udaipur flite on time"

Travel tips regarding your preparation

  • Do you want a cheap flight ticket?
  • Choose the correct travel period. Take into account the high-low season due to the costs of hotels.
  • Thailand has a rainy season, this has advantages and disadvantages. Be aware of that.
  • Government institutions are closed on national holidays. No alcohol is available on Buddha days.

Travel tips after arrival in Udaipur

There are many options for traveling from the airport to Udaipur, such as:

  • Cab meter
  • City bus
  • Minibuses (Public Van)
  • Rental car
  • Unofficial taxis


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Travel tips for holiday makers: ‘What is and what is not’

  • Thai people believe that the head is the most sacred part of the body. So never touch that with Thai.
  • The feet consider Thai the most unclean part of the body. So never put feet (with or without shoes) on the table and never use feet for pointing. Sitting with your feet towards a Buddha statue is very rude.
  • Always take off shoes when entering temples and Thai houses, wear appropriate clothing when visiting a temple, so no flip flops, shorts or bare shoulders. In the Thai countryside, looser clothing regulations sometimes 
  • apply. At the Grand Palace in Udaipur, visitors are given ‘loan pants’ or ‘loan dress’ with inappropriate clothing.

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Choose a Tour packages with a comfortable taxi

If you go by taxi and pay for this, you naturally want to be able to sit comfortably. There are many different cars that taxi companies use. Of course you don’t have to sit very comfortably for a short drive home, but is it a longer distance? Then of course you just want to be able to sit comfortably. This is important, for example, if you have to go all the way to the airport. A taxi ride  comfortable, otherwise the journey will be very tiring.

Always choose a Dhanvi taxi with a permit

With a Dhanvi taxi it is very important and best taxi service in udaipur that you also choose a taxi with a permit. For example, it is very important that there is a taxi sign on the car. You can also recognize a taxi driver by the blue license plate. Taxi drivers who work without a license do not do this for nothing. There is a good chance that you will be scammed.

Taxi long distances

Taxi long distance

A taxi is a means of transport driven by a driver that transports one or more travelers. This is done at the time and route desired by the traveler on the basis of a fixed amount. This amount is calculated per distance unit or a previously agreed journey price. Free taxis are driving around in many places and it is common for a passenger to call a taxi . In other countries you can only take a free taxi at stations. In the city center and other such places. If you want to use a taxi otherwise call the taxi company. Especially when it comes to a long-distance taxi. Because a driver cannot just be available for a long distance. When booking a long-distance taxi it is useful to do this 24 hours in advance. A lot of taxi drivers will charge an additional 20% if you reserve this in the short term.

Taxi instead of public transportation

If you have to go somewhere, but unfortunately you don’t have a car or someone who can bring you here, a taxi can be a good solution. For small distances you can still take the bike or walk, but for long distances this is a different story. A taxi long distance is then the ideal outcome. You can also choose to take the train or bus, but you will often have to deal with long travel distances, crowds and transfers. If you book a taxi you are almost certain to arrive at the desired time. You also do not have to worry about a place for you and your luggage because you can of course just leave it in the car. The only thing that needs to be taken into account are the additional traffic jams and possibly road accidents. By reserving a long-distance taxi on time you can go anywhere!

Taxi costs

The costs of your taxi ride can usually be calculated online or you can agree with the driver in advance. These costs are often different per taxi company, some taxi companies will also charge additional costs for, for example, carrying the suitcases. With a taxi for a long distance you often lose a lot of money, it can also happen that you get scammed. To prevent this, you have a few handy tips. You can enter the start and end points with your own smartphone on google maps. This allows you to check whether the driver has set the meter correctly. It is also important to always have money in your pocket when using a taxi for long distances.

Private driver

Hire a Dhanvi taxi

You can hire a dhanvi taxi for a nice fee. There are various taxi companies that offer this. This ensures that you have a lot of choice and beyond that you can also compare providers in terms of price. That way you know for sure that you don’t pay too much. Look in advance at reviews on the internet. It would of course be a shame if the limo taxi is very old, for example, then you will not arrive at the event in style. Often there are enough photos of the taxi on the website of the relevant provider. So you can see for yourself whether the taxi will meet all your needs. This way you know for sure that you are making the right choice.

Hiring a private driver with Taxi 

Do you want to hire a private driver  & taxi? Then that can definitely be recommended. However, this is expensive and you will have to determine whether you have enough money for this. Do you have difficulty walking, for example, and do you want to be able to travel comfortably anywhere? Then hiring a private driver is ideal! You will then have to deal with a regular driver, this driver will know exactly what you want.

There are a lot of taxi companies that rent out private drivers and if you want to do this, chances are that you can agree on a fixed amount. It will of course be very expensive if the driver turns on the counter for every trip. It is therefore wise to make good agreements with the relevant company in advance. Of course you don’t want to be confronted with unpleasant surprises. Fortunately, many taxi companies are very clear with their prices. They would naturally prefer to prevent this themselves.

For more about private drivers you can find here!

Do you soon have a Dhanvi taxi or do you have another event that you want to arrive in style? Then hiring a Dhanvi taxi is definitely recommended. A Dhanvi  taxi is a larger car and this is often very luxurious on the inside. There is room for several people and you can often enjoy a drink at the minibar. In most cases, a limo taxi also has a great music installation, so you can already celebrate a small party in the taxi. For example, if a good friend of yours has a birthday, it can be very nice to surprise them with this.

Which taxi do you take home?

The taxi has been very important for many people in certain situations. You can still remember one evening that you were no longer able to drive yourself. Of course the taxi is ideal in such a case. Even in many other situations, a taxi company can help you perfectly.Then it is important that a taxi is ready to take you home. After a long flight, it is of course ideal if you can go home by taxi. Also at the station you can often choose to take a taxi. Many people prefer this to the bus!

Do you need a taxi soon? Then it is wise to reserve a taxi at a taxi company. This way you are often cheaper. This is especially useful if you have to go home there are often a lot of taxis ready at such busy places. In many cases the taxi center makes grateful use of these busy places and there is even a place for taxis. I advise you to choose a taxi company that you trust. A major disadvantage of the taxi is that there are many companies without a permit. Fortunately it is not difficult to find a reliable taxi company.

How do you find a reliable taxi company?

Unfortunately there are many taxi drivers that cannot be trusted. For example, they do not always turn the meter on or deliberately drive a longer route. Fortunately, this does not bother you at a reliable taxi company and taxi rental service in udaipur . I can therefore absolutely recommend that you do research in advance into the taxi company that you are using. This way you don’t have to worry about paying more than necessary. It is so nice if you can go home after a long day. On the internet you can find a lot of information about different taxi companies. In this way, every reliable taxi center actually has its own website. As long as a taxi driver is part of a reliable taxi company, the chance that you will be scammed is very small. If this still happens then you can of course just contact the company. Are you looking for a reliable taxi company? With the help of a search engine, you will come across a number of reliable companies.

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Travel guide south goa: tips, sights and practical information

South Goa is a true paradise, with golden sandy beaches, thousands of palm trees and beautiful wildlife parks. In contrast to the exuberant North Goa, the south of Goa is quiet and relaxed, which makes it the ideal place to completely unwind. Would you rather be more active? Then in South Goa you can also scooter through the jungle, hike to waterfalls or stroll through colonial towns .


Goa is best known for the beautiful beaches, which are often surrounded by meter-high palm trees. Also in South Goa it is mainly the beaches that tourists come to, but there is of course much more to see and do.

Palolem Beach
The best known and most touristy beach of South Goa is the breathtakingly beautiful Palolem Beach. This beach is completely surrounded by palm trees and is full of colorful beach huts and good restaurants. In addition to relaxing, you can also rent a boat, do water activities or shop in the surrounding streets. Be sure to visit the relaxed Patnem Beach, which is located directly below Palolem Beach.

Agonda Beach
Agonda Beach is a quiet beach, a few kilometers above Palolem, where you can really fully recharge your batteries. The beach is large and wide and the sea here is fairly calm, so you can float in the water. The beach is the ideal place for those seeking tranquility and therefore mainly attracts couples and the elderly. When you stay on Agonda Beach, you should definitely visit the nearby Cola Beach.

Dudhsagar waterfall
In the east of Goa you will find the impressive Dushsagar waterfall, which because of the white color of the water is also called the ‘sea of ​​milk’. The waterfall is 310 meters high and 30 meters wide and during the monsoon the water is thundering down. The Dudhsagar waterfall is located in the Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary and Mollem National Park, a beautiful natural park inhabited by Bengal tigers and black panthers.

Other famous beaches in South Goa are:
• Benaulim Beach
• Varca Beach
• Colva Beach

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Sleeping and eating

Most accommodations in South Goa can be found in Benaulim , Palolem and Agonda . Palolem is relatively busy in high season, so it is better not to spend the night there if you are looking for peace. Benaulim and Agonda are fairly calm throughout the year.

When you come to Goa to do yoga, it is best to go to Agonda or Patnem, where there are various yoga retreats. For example, we once slept a weekend at the Lotus Oasis Beach Huts Resort . You can go here for an all-in yoga package, but you can also only book accommodation and possibly individual lessons.

If you mainly want to relax, you really have to be at the Coconut Creek Resort on Bogmalo Beach. This beautiful award-winning resort has a spacious layout and is located on a quiet, local beach, which means that you see few other tourists and that you can really fully recharge here. In addition, you will be at the resort within ten minutes from the airport, so that you can celebrate your holiday almost immediately after you arrive in Goa. Really recommended!

Keep in mind that during the low season, from May to September, many accommodations and restaurants in South Goa are closed, especially on the somewhat smaller beaches. Palolem and Benaulim are one of the few places where a reasonable number of accommodations are still open.

There are countless restaurants and bars in Goa, often on or around the beaches. Most restaurants serve a combination of Indian and European food, so there is something for everyone. The vegan and raw food trend has been booming in Goa for a few years , which means that there are countless healthy cafés, such as Zest (Palolem and Agonda) and Little V (Palolem).

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When you travel from Amsterdam to Goa, you almost always fly via Mumbai. In total, your travel time will be around 12 hours. You can also choose to fly to Mumbai and then take the night train or night bus to Goa, which is generally a lot cheaper.

When you arrive by plane, you land at Vasco da Gama. From here it is a 45-minute drive to Benaulim and more than an hour and a half to Palolem and Agonda. If you come by train or bus, you can get off in Madgaon. From here it is a short half-hour drive to Benaulim and an hour to Palolem.

In Goa itself it is best to travel by scooter. These can be rented at almost all beaches for 200 to 400 rupees per day. You must be able to show a driver’s license to rent a scooter. If you prefer not to drive yourself, you can also take a taxi or rickshaw. If you want your own car then book tour taxi from taxi service in udaipur.

Good to know

  • It is warm all year round in Goa, but in the winter months it can be quite cold in the evenings. So don’t forget to put a few sweaters or cardigans in your suitcase.
  • Many beach huts are very noisy. If you spend the night in such a cabin and are not really a good sleeper, you can therefore bring the best earplugs.
  • Many products, such as sunscreen and deet, are cheaper in Goa, so it is smart to purchase that on the spot instead of taking it with you.
  • Most accommodations are closed during the off-season, so be sure to check the options before you book a trip to Goa.
  • Never accept the first prize. Because a lot of tourists come to Goa, too much is initially asked for everything, so always try to poke something off.

Best time to visit Goa: October to March.

What is the best way to travel in Udaipur


Udaipur, located in the south of Rajasthan, is often called the most romantic city in India . This is true, but do not forget that it remains India. Many romantic activities and attractions’ are slightly different in reality than how you think things will go. This way, the romantic feeling quickly disappears as pushy sellers run off as much money as possible. That said, Udaipur is definitely a nice, atmospheric city. The Lake Pichola and the beautiful temples and palaces make the city worthwhile.

Lake Pichola

Lake Pichola is a large lake on the outskirts of Udaipur. The lake is surrounded by mountains and the huge City Palace complex. Taking a boat trip on the lake is the best way to view the lake. This is of course quite touristy, but nevertheless certainly nice. Lake Pichola is at its best with sunset, so try to be a good time. You can get taxi to visit udaipur from Taxi Service In Udaipur.



Other sights

The City Palace, located next to the lake, is therefore definitely worth a visit. This is a beautiful palace and you certainly need a few hours to view everything properly. In Udaipur also view the Eklingji and Jagdish temples. In addition, attending the traditional dance performance is also recommended. Often this is a bit disappointing, but in Udaipur this is a nice show. Furthermore, it is especially nice to stroll through the city. In contrast to many other Indian cities, it is not very fishy and busy here, which makes a walk through the city much more pleasant.


Many bars and guest houses have a rooftop where you can have a cold beer, with a reasonable view. For a small amount, you can also visit the rooftop of a nice hotel, from where you have a much nicer view of the lake. Given the low costs, we definitely recommend this.


Spend the night in Udaipur

No lack of accommodation choices in Udaipur. Most hotels are located around the lake, especially at the City Palace. However, these are often somewhat more expensive. You will find cheaper options around Lal Ghat. On Dhanvitours.com you will find the largest selection and you can easily reserve a room or bed.

How do I get there?

Udaipur has a small airport that can be reached with domestic flights from Delhi and Mumbai, among others.

From the entire region you can take the train to Udaipur. From Pushkar you are on the road for about five hours, the train from Jaipur takes seven hours and from Delhi it is twelve hours by train.

You can also reach the city by bus. Count on five hours from Ahmedabad, nine hours from Jaipur and more than six hours from Jodhpur .

Rajasthan Desert and Colour Tour of Indian Cities

Point Of Tour

Over the unique Rajasthan town

Travel to “Golden City” Jaisalmer, “Blue City” Jodhpur, “White City” Udaipur, “Pink City” Jaipur, Rajasthan, the most colorful province in India. Explore the unique city of Rajasthan while thinking about its former glory.

Tour of the desert festival of Jaisalmer 

Rajasthan located in northwestern India. Visit the Jaisalmer Desert Festival, a parade of many annual events. Please enjoy the festival full of enthusiasm with the local people.

 Trip to Rajasthan during the best season

After November, it is the best time for sightseeing, as the heat will ease. In Jaisalmer and Udaipur, you can relax and enjoy the festivals and town walk in each area.

The city of lake Udaipur

Udaipur, the capital of the Mewar Kingdom, in the 16th century. It was moved to the capital after Chittle Girl fell. In the city, artificial lakes such as Lake Pichora and Fatesagar Lake are built. It is also called “White City” because there are many white buildings, and the palace “City Palace” lays its graceful figure on the lakeside to make the city more beautiful. The tour will stay in Udaipur for 2 nights and enjoy beautiful Udaipur and historic Chidlgar Castle.

World Heritage Rajasthan Hill Fortress

Rajasthan has long been a strategic point for various ethnic groups including India, Persia, and Turkey. The Rajput, who established the era from the 8th to the 13th century, ruled this region and built a strong fortress in the hills and built its own culture. 

Jaisalmer Desert Festival 

“Golden City” Jaisalmer, where the fort is registered as a World Heritage site as “Rajasthan Hills and Forts”. A lively and luxurious parade is the signal for the opening of the Desert Festival. There is also a special amusement park, which is enjoyed by the local people.

Travel in Rajasthan to Enjoy Staying at HOTEL

In “White City” Udaipur city Tour Package, we stayed at “Fate Girl”, a 5-star hotel, for 2 consecutive nights. Built and furnished like a heritage hotel, you can enjoy the luxurious and elegant atmosphere of Rajasthan. It is on a hill and has an attractive view of Udaipur.

Desert Palace [Jaisalmer]

Please spend an elegant time in a hotel built in sandstone, just like the fort, worthy of “Golden City”.

Bus rental & Car rental with driver in India

The favorite starting point of travel professionals for all searches for bus and car rental with driver, airport transport and taxi or car with driver in Udaipur, Jaipur and Rajasthan. Receive competitive quotes easily and quickly. Calling and mailing is no longer necessary. Simply fill in the transport quote form  and you can compare and reserve online anonymously. 

Why use Rent Auto bus?

  • Receive multiple offers for your trip!
  • 100% Free, without obligation and anonymous
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  • Personal advice and assistance with booking transportation
  • Free assistance and translations for your dealings with carriers
  • Manage your transport requests and reservations online
  • We speak your language
  • Save a lot of time!

Plan your passenger transport with driver in India and around the world

Receive information about driver services for groups or people traveling in  Udaipur, Jaipur and throughout India and around the world. Find various travel and transport options such as travel bus and car rental, airport transport, taxi service in Udaipur and traveling around India.

We know that planning a trip or a trip to a far continent like India can be a time-consuming and sometimes a difficult task. Many travelers and tourists arrange the hotel bookings and fled first. Reservations for road transport are often only the last in the planning. As the departure date approaches, we often see your plans becoming more detailed and sometimes changing due to new information about all the places, attractions, and sights that you want to visit on your trip or tour.

Plan your journey and transport through India in a relaxed way

You may be planning a tour and looking for different options for getting transportation offers in cities such as Udaipur, Jaipur, Jaiselmer, Chittor, India. Perhaps you are an experienced travel agent, travel planner or perhaps this is the first and only time you organize a tour for your family or group of culture lovers.

Whatever your situation is, we are here to help you and we hope that we can make a valuable contribution. Not only by helping you to select the best transport partner for your trip in India, but also by helping you to make clear agreements with your carrier. Clarity ensures that you know where you stand and thus start your vacation, group trip or day trip without stress or worry. If you are simply looking for a transfer to arrive at the airport quickly, you can also arrange this through our site.

Passenger transport and private transport in Indian countries

Our service was established with the aim of providing direct access to local carriers in the field of driver services and travel throughout India: bus and car rental companies, airport transfer companies, taxi companies, and driver services such as sedan and Tempo traveller rental companies.

Travel agents and tour operators can both use our system to compare and book transportation services to promote their own products. Congress and event organizers can also use our system to post requests for quotes and selected partners for their group or individual travel needs.

At the moment we separate and into 4 different types of services:

Transport / transport from and to the airport:

These are short journeys between your hotel or other accommodation and your arrival or departure airport, usually without stopping on the way. Normally airport transportation is for individuals or small groups. Transport from A to B The vehicle and the driver will pick you up and take you away.

Bus and Car rental:

Service for small or large groups who are planning single or multi-day trips. This service can be provided as a tour or tour through different countries or just around a region or city. Normally, a fixed route and timetable are planned in advance. Cars with drivers in India are also rented out for days or half days without a fixed route for city trips or day trips. In those cases where a fixed (maximum) distance per day has been purchased, extra distances will be invoiced at the standard rate. 

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Udaipur Sightseeing Tour


Udaipur is a very relaxed city with a much more relaxed atmosphere than in many other cities in North India. Udaipur is also called the Venice of the East. This is due to the many lakes in the city. This gives the city a romantic appearance. The temperatures in Udaipur, especially in the evenings, are also much more pleasant than in many other cities in India. All this makes Udaipur a nice place to visit during a tour of the state of Rajasthan. 

Udaipur taxi rental service in Udaipur is full of atmospheric rooftop restaurants where you can eat well and enjoy a beautiful view of the city. The city is very busy and touristy. Nevertheless, a visit to Udaipur is definitely worth it.



Lake Pichola is a beautiful and large lake that lies on the edge of Udaipur. It is a nice place to watch the sunset. You can then take a boat trip on the lake and enjoy the sunset. It is often busy around this time, so if you prefer a bit more rest, you can visit it more at a different time. 


In Udaipur, there is a beautiful palace that you can visit. The city palace is a beautiful palace on Lake Pichola. It is, therefore, best to combine a visit to these sights. The city palace is the largest palace in Rajasthan. The palace consists of a complex with several buildings. Everything is very nicely decorated and you look your eyes out of it. 


You also have a number of beautiful sights in the Udaipur area. Ranakpur has a beautiful temple complex. This is one of the largest complexes in Asia and therefore definitely worth a visit. You can combine a visit to Ranakpur with a visit to Kumbhalgarh. This is a beautiful fortress from where you have a magnificent view of the surroundings. You can reach both places with a local bus. Do you want to visit both places in one day? Then it is more convenient to rent a private car with a driver for that day. It is quite a drive away. 


India is known for the beautiful puppet shows that you can see here. There are several slices in Udaipur where you can view them. For example, in the Bhartiya Lok Kala Mandal doll museum. You can walk around here and learn more about puppet shows and at the end, you will also see a real puppet show. It is very clever to see how the dolls are almost lifelike moved by a few (invisible) strings. The museum is slightly outside the center but can be walked on. 

If you do not want to leave the center, you can also buy a ticket for the evening shows at the Ganguar Ghat (at Bagore Ki Haveli). Here you get to see a combination between Indian dance and a puppet show. 

Best Tour Operator In Udaipur

The best time to visit Udaipur is in the dry season when the temperatures are still pleasant. It can get pretty hot here in the summer. The best months to visit Udaipur are therefore October to March. There is virtually no rainfall during these months and the temperatures are still pleasant. The most rain falls here in July and August.


Udaipur is easily accessible from the different major cities in Rajasthan. You can choose to travel by train or bus to Udaipur. Buses are often cheaper, but the train is an experience in itself and therefore a nice way to travel to Udaipur. Udaipur also has a small airport. You can fly to this from a number of places, for example, best tour operator in udaipur


Sometimes it can be useful to have a good organization behind you for such a long journey. Rickshaw India can help you put together your own journey, in which you determine your own route entirely: via the well-known roads or on untracked paths. If you have any questions, before or during your trip, you can fall back on a Dutch organization. Together with the travel specialists, you will find out what suits you best. You discover the real India in its own way.


If you go to North India , chances are that you also want to visit Taj Mahal. For that you have to be in Agra, a city about a four-hour drive from New Delhi . There are also trains. Agra has two important sights: the Fort of Agra and the Taj Mahal. If you leave New Delhi in the morning, you will have time in the afternoon to visit the Fort of Agra, and watch the sunset at the Taj Mahal. The next morning you can then visit the Taj Mahal. Read our Agra tips!



The Agra fort was our first stop in Agra, and also our first fort we visited in India. Agra Fort is the largest fort in India, it is surrounded by 2.5 kilometers of fortress wall. It was built by order of Emperor Akbar from 1565 to 1571. Agra was then the capital, and the wall should protect the city. This fort remained the fortress of the Mogul Empire until Delhi became the capital in 1638. One of the nicest things about this fort is the fact that you can see the Taj Mahal in the distance from the balcony. And that is pretty much the best view you can have, right?

Entrance fee: 550 rupee. Open from sunrise to sunset.

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From the first seconds I saw the Taj Mahal, I was blown away. You suddenly understand that, yes: this building is rightly one of the seven new wonders of the world. The white marble building is impressive, and makes you suddenly feel very small and humble.

Most people know the story behind the Taj Mahal: it was built by Shah Jahan, the fifth emperor of the Mogul empire in India, as a burial monument for his wife Mumtaz Mahal. The Taj Mahal (palace of the crown) was built between 1632 and 1648. The tombs of both men and women stand side by side inside the Taj Mahal (you can only see the replica, but the real one is below) Around the Taj Mahal is a large impressive garden with fountains, because they are a symbol of paradise in the Islamic tradition. According to Islamic architecture, the Taj Mahal is completely symmetrical, with four minarets (one in each corner), and two sandstone buildings on each side. The inside was pretty bare and not that impressive, but the outside is really amazing. It is as if the building looks different with every light, and I just keep looking.



The best time to visit the Taj Mahal is at sunrise. As is often the case in India, there are no fixed opening times: the building opens at sunrise. With us, that meant getting up at five in the morning, because at 5:45 we went to the Taj Mahal. We were certainly not the first in line, but we were among the first 100 people or so who could visit the Taj Mahal. Women and men have to wait separately (because you will be searched upon entering), so make sure you both have your own ticket and leave large bags at home. Only take your wallet and camera with you, otherwise you will be in line longer. It was a bit foggy when we came in, but it quickly improved. By the way, I didn’t find it as busy as expected when we were there in November 2017. You can book taxi for Agra Tour from best tour operator in udaipur.


The entrance fee for the Taj Mahal is 1000 rupee for foreign tourists. You get a bottle of water with that. As mentioned, the Taj Mahal is open from dawn to dusk, but it is closed on Friday . Read  here  more information about buying tickets on the government website of the Taj Mahal, including where to go and how to buy tickets online.


Well, we saw the sunrise at the Taj Mahal itself, but where is the best place to watch the sunset? This is best done in Mehtab Bagh (entrance fee: 300 rupee per person), the park on the other side of the Yamuna River. There is a piece of grassland on the river where only cows can graze, and then you have river. I have seen pictures that would be very dirty, but that really wasn’t the case. It was all super beautiful, and almost idyllic.

The sunset was my first experience with the Taj Mahal, the day before we would experience the sunset. And I will never forget that moment. When we were there, there was almost no one, and we were enjoying the amazing view in peace. The sun went down, and the only thing we heard was the sound of cow bells and the call to prayer.  I was sitting there watching the Taj Mahal and suddenly it came to me: I’m just in India. I have made a dream come true that I have been dreaming of for ten years. And it’s just as beautiful as I imagined.


We stayed at the Four Points by Sheraton in Agra. The rooms were very comfortable, the breakfast buffet was really delicious, and it is only a fifteen minute drive from the Taj Mahal. Highly recommended.


Udaipur was the last city on our tour of Rajasthan, and WAUW, boys. Really wow. What a beautiful city. I am very happy that I chose to end the journey there. Udaipur is also called the Venice of India, and despite the fact that “the Venice of” is about my least favorite travel phrase, it is quite reasonable in this case. In any case, it is the city with which I can best compare.

Udaipur, or “the City of Lakes”, is a big city towards the south of Rajasthan. Almost half a million people live in the city. The city relies largely on tourism, and the city is therefore a popular destination for both domestic and foreign tourists. Udaipur consists of different lakes that are all connected to each other. I thought Udaipur was really beautiful, so I’d love to share the best Udaipur sights with you that you shouldn’t miss! 




The lake of Pichola is the best known lake in Udaipur. It is a freshwater lake that was built in 1362. It is a big tip to take a boat trip on the lake. We did that in the morning, and then moored at one of the two palaces in the lake. Jag Mandir is a palace from 1551 that can be visited. The other palace on the lake is Jag Niwas, but that is a luxury hotel and can only be visited by guests.



The palace of Udaipur, with the original name City Palace, is the largest palace of Rajasthan. There are several palaces within the complex, two of which operate as luxury hotels. The construction started in 1553, but it took almost four centuries for the construction to be completed. The royal family lived in this palace and also controlled the kingdom from here.Report this ad

You can visit around 60% of the complex, the rest is still under private management of the royal family. Since Udaipur has always been a rich city, the palace is immensely richly decorated with colors and beautiful mosaics. I thought it was one of the most beautiful palaces in Rajasthan, and you will be happy with it for a few hours. Visit this place with best taxi service in udaipur Dhanvi tour and travels.


If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Udaipur then I can highly recommend that you go to the Saheliyon-ki-Bari park. These gardens have been laid out for the 48 women who accompany the princess of Udaipur. The park has a beautiful pond with lotus flowers, a swimming pool, fountains and marble elephants. The gardens date from 1710 and are wonderful to visit.


The most beautiful place for a sunset over Udaipur is the Monsoon Palace, an abandoned palace on a hill. It was originally built in 1884 to look at the rain clouds. If the palace seems familiar to you, it plays a role in James Bond’s Octopussy film. It is wonderful to sit here and admire the beautiful hills around Udaipur.


A final tip is simply to enjoy the surroundings. Stroll along the lakes. Take a beautiful walk through the dark as the lights flicker on the surface of the many lakes. Very romantic.



If you are still looking for a nice hotel in Udaipur: look no further. I stayed in the best boutique hotel in India, called Udai Kothi. It has a beautiful rooftop with swimming pool, stylish simple rooms, and the hotel itself is decorated in a beautiful colonial style full of historical photos of the Royal family. I really wandered around the hotel, looking at all the beautiful details and the colorful fresh flowers in the garden. One of the most charming hotels I have stayed at..

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